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Real, Live County Storm July 18, 2011

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One minute we were bikini clad the next minute we were running the chickens into their coop.


Seaside Halloween October 31, 2007

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Warming Up With Grampa October 30, 2007

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Both of the kids have mastered the pool this trip.

Mad is doing lengths while Baz spins circles around her with his water wings while his lips turn blue.

Good thing for Grampa and his pledge to “go swimming whenever they wanted”.

Poor guy.


Dolphin Watching October 29, 2007

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Just whatever you do, don’t blink.


Crab Races at the Seafood Festival October 27, 2007

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Everyone’s a winner… even when the Mad crab climbs out of its lane and waits for dinner.


Beach Boy October 25, 2007

He clearly owns this beach, baby.


Discovering The Space Shuttle October 23, 2007

How great it was to find out, albeit at the last minute, that there was going to be a shuttle lift off during our vacation?
When we found out, we spontaneously jumped in the car to make the coastal quest to experience this rare sight with our own eyes.

Standing along the side of the Challenger Memorial Coastal Highway, it nearly brought tears to my eyes to experience this fantastic show of human technology. Baz, on the other hand was a bit bummed, he thought we were going to be ON the “rocket”.